Vital Things to Know Before You Teach Yourself to Code


Do you have the desire to teach yourself to code? The ability to code is one of the most respected skills you can have in todays world.

Learning code by yourself wont be a easy feat. It will require dedication, hard work and above all patience. The need to be ready for the long hours of work is paramount.

To stay focused on the rough journey ahead, there are some important things to know before you can teach yourself to code.

1. How Your Code Look: it is crucial to have it in mind that your code would be used by human. Hence, the need for your code to be readable, not broken.

2. Know Why You Want to Learn Code: Coding has so many directions, having an idea of what you want to achieve beforehand will help you to narrow down your focus. Do you want to code to build websites? Or computer games or programming. Once you set a focus you can always change your specialisation along the way. Having an idea of what you want beforehand will save you time and be able to distinguish between what you don’t need to know. Having a goal in anything we do gives direction and motivation to continue.

3. Don’t Get Too Consumed on Coding Languages: When you are new to coding, you are exposed to lots of coding languages to choose from. Selecting on coding language to choose from can be an overwhelming decision, but don’t get too stressed over it. You can start with the beginner-friendly coding language such as Ruby and Java. Your choice should be based on the coding language that is used to write your desired app.

4. Don’t Be a Jack of All Trades: when teaching yourself coding you should specialise. Trying to learn all coding languages as a beginner will likely make you a master of none. Instead of learning all at once, you can begin master one and move onto the next. This can be a valuable asset later in life when you try to sell your self to an employer.

5. Put Yourself Out There: Reaching out to expert in your field is always valuable. Its important to mix with programmers, interact online in programming forums is a better way at achieving your goal and receiving feedbacks will help you improve.

6. Love What You Do: The best programmers, when asked reveal that they love what they do. You need to really have to fall in love with coding. If you don’t love coding, getting through the tough parts of can be difficult if you don’t love it.

Technology is what makes our world go round, and having a knowledge of coding can give you opportunity to impact change to the world. Isn’t that what you want ?

Once you have taken the your self further in the world of coding, you can check here to know how to improve a website.

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