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Top 7 Things to Eat After Working Out

It is takes a while before the body can recover energy lost after physical activities. Eating a small snack after physical activities can boost your energy level. In this piece, post-work healthy things to eat after working out will be analysed and their benefit to the body will be explained.

During physical activities, the stored glucose (glycogen) in the body is used up by the muscle and their levels become depleted. The more time spent on physical activities the more the glycogen used up.

Knowing what things to eat after working out is a perfect way to get nutritional balance which can help to restore energy levels and reduce fatigue, thus helping the body to repair muscles & rebuild strength for future use. The following are compounds which can aid the body in absorbing nutrients, recover essential energy levels and speeding up recovery after a workout.

Protein: Because exercise help the muscle grow, it means the body can only improve upon existing muscles if recovered after workout. Considerate intake of protein after work-out enhances the muscles and reduces the loss of lean mass which contribute to muscular and toned appearances.

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Fat: It is generally believed that intake of fat after exercise slows absorption and digestion of nutrient. For some type of fat, this is true. Nonetheless, there is some information about the post-workout effect of fat calories. It is best to limit fat intake after exercise, even though low levels of fat are unlikely to inhibit recovery.

Dairy Protein: According to research, as little as 9 grams of milk protein can aid protein synthesis in the muscles and stimulate recovery after exercise. You may also consider other diary product such as Greek Yogurt, Ricotta Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Kefir, etc. which are equally rich in protein. New cells can be repaired by consuming 1 cup of serving low fat high quality protein. Coincidentally, these proteins contain the important amino acid which can only be gotten through diet. Sometimes in 2007, a group of researchers proved that milk-based proteins are more effective than soy based proteins in promoting the growth of muscle proteins after physical activities. It was also concluded that milk may help to attain and build body mass, thereby making milk protein effective for quick development of lean body mass.

Eggs: The same research in 2007 showed that consumption of whole eggs after physical activities helped in protein synthesis rather than consuming egg whites with the same level of protein compounds. It was concluded that nutrients in egg yolk aided the stimulation of muscles more effectively.

Omega- 3 fatty acids: Research from the Washington University of Medicine proved that supplementation with omega-3 fatty acid boosted the synthesis of muscle proteins and multiplied the size of muscle cells in healthy young adults. Fish such as salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. Oil extracted from these fatty fish can help to minimise muscle soreness after rigorous physical activities. Furthermore, the intake of fish oil daily for 1 week before exercises can help to reduce soreness of the muscle.

Carbohydrates: Intake of carbohydrate is the best method at reducing immunity that can arise after physical activities. Consuming carbohydrate after work-out helps to increase glycogen in the body.

Other foods such as grains and fruits can also contain high levels of healthy carbohydrates. A perfect example is quinoa, a gluten-free meal which is usually consumed as a grain, is high in protein & fibre and has low levels of glycemic index which makes it an excellent alternative for people who regulate their blood sugar.

Water: Among other things to eat after working out is water.Water an essential drink to the body. Drinking it before, during and after physical activities ensures that the body is hydrated at all times. This can help to get the most out of the physical exercise. Sweating during exercises makes the body lose electrolytes and as such must be replaced to improve agility & recovery.

You can see that intake of carbohydrate, proteins as well as some fatty acids after physical activities can help to build muscle protein and aid recovery. When planning for that work-out, endeavour to get things to eat after working out with some fluids and electrolytes to keep your body and mind going!


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