Things About Whatsapp That You Should Know

FILE PHOTO: A man poses with a smartphone in front of displayed Whatsapp logo in this illustration September 14, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo

There is different chatting and messaging apps around there, however, among them, Whatsapp is considered as the most popularly used messaging application available. Not only it has transformed how people communicate with one another, but it has also improved the advertising methods. There are different tricks that you need to know about Whatsapp advertising methods, before you choose to imply them in your business.

Whatsapp is a great way to get in contact with the users, being precise potential customers. This works as an effective tool for connecting with people and hence helps to promote the business. The local businesses have truly benefitted with the benefits of this application and they are trying to convert their leads and get real time customers. As because Whatsapp has been purchased by the Facebook, it helps you to increase your audience reach and then Whatsapp helps to connect to every potential client on a personal level. There are a lot of features that Whatsapp offers that helps to promote the business.

You have the option of sending unlimited text messages, this is of course very helpful as because you can promote as many products and services as you want via message, audio and visual methods. This also makes it easier for you to convey the idea or the purpose of the product or service to the clients. Moreover, you also have the option of targeting your audience in a mass quantity, as Whatsapp also provides you with the broadcasting feature.

Next you have the lock your Whatsapp account; this is another very effective feature that helps you to secure your message and other information as well. In order to lock your Whatsapp account, you first need to install the chat lock application on your phone. This chat lock application has several messenger apps, which also includes Whatsapp too. You can lock the apps with lock timing, pattern locks and passwords to secure the messages and information.

It can also be effectively used for making ad campaigns. You can ask the members of the group to share their images with your products or services or posing with the products, billboards or banners. While your clients do this, in return you can offer them coupons of discounts and deals through Whatsapp itself. This definitely allows you to increase the number of customers that you have and help to enhance your business as well.

Another great way of getting your readers attention is keeping the status innovative and keep your audience guessing. When you post a status that has a deep meaning and has nothing to say on its own, your friends keep wondering what it is about and you can enjoy the attention. Make sure you are as creative as possible and keep creating statuses that interest your friends.

Whatsapp is not simply a mobile application, but it also works on the PC. For individuals that have a Whatsapp account, they can sync their account and use or view the content on their computer. However, you need to keep in mind that this feature can only be used with the chrome browser.

Also, as because there are more people using Whatsapp, it becomes easier for the marketers to get their clients. Thus, Whatsapp has become a very cost effective and affordable mass communication system for all kind of business, both small and medium sized business. These are some features that help businesses to promote their products and services, simply using Whatsapp.

FILE PHOTO: A man poses with a smartphone in front of displayed Whatsapp logo in this illustration what.jpg


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