The Real Impact of Ridesharing


The idea of requesting a ride from your phone may be a relatively simple idea, but it is completely changing the world we live in today. In less than 10 years, ride-sharing has gone from an exclusive service for select individuals to something that almost everyone can use. No app or other form of technology has impacted the world in the last decade as much as ride-sharing.

Ride-sharing is also beneficial to those who provide the rides. From getting a rental car paid for to earning extra income, it has a significant impact on both rider and driver.

How Ride-sharing Got Started

It may be hard to remember a world without Uber, but the ride-sharing app was actually founded in 2009. Uber was originally created as a luxury transportation service. According to LogoMyWay, “the original goal was to offer something that was more exclusive than a regular cab ride and cheaper than the traditional luxury private driver. It wasn’t for another two years after they were founded when they began to accept drivers with their own cars.” After realising that everyone was looking for an alternative to hailing a cab, Uber expanded to non-luxury rides in the middle of 2012. It was at this time that Lyft enter the market as a direct competitor. These apps are now operating in hundreds of cities around the world, and they have completely transformed several aspects of our everyday life.

How Ride-sharing Has Impacted the World

It is safe to say that ride-sharing technologies like Lyft and Uber have improved our world, most notably by changing the way everyone goes out to have a good time with their friends. Ride-sharing is now the top choice of transportation on these wild nights because it is so easy to get a ride from any location. The days of driving to the local bar to meet some friends is officially over, which has drastically reduced the number of drunk driving incidents. According to Orange County Lawyers, “DUI arrests have declined overall after ride sharing increased in popularity. Although adoption of the technology is still growing rapidly, and there is evidence that DUI arrests have declined due to usage, the NHTSA reports that roughly 29 people still die every day caused by drunk driving.” So it’s important to remember not to drink and drive. It’s helpful and more safe now that people looking for a fun time no longer have to worry about finding a way home after having a few too many drinks at the bar or club; they just have to pull out their phone and request a ride from an app.

Ride-sharing apps have also used their power and influence to help out communities when they need it the most. The recent Las Vegas shooting was one of the most troubling events in the history of the country. Everyone who was looking to leave the area after the shooting was provided a free ride. Uber and Lyft have also offered free rides to people escaping hurricanes or looking to cast a vote on election day.

The Future of Ride-sharing

Ride-sharing continues to grow in popularity every year, so the future is extremely bright for the technology. RideShareApps explains, “Uber and Lyft continue to expand around the globe every year, so it may not be too long before you will see these two companies and others in every developed city in the world. Uber is now in over 60 countries, and over 334 cities.” While this will certainly be great for the local citizens, it will also help encourage world travel. The fear of traveling is completely eliminated when you can rely on a ride-sharing service to safely transport you to every destination.

In addition to world expansion, Uber and Lyft are set to bring self-driving cars into their fleet. In fact, Uber is currently seeking permission to test a new self-driving car in the state of Pennsylvania, and Lyft already boasts a fleet of 30 self-driving cars in the city of Las Vegas. Self-driving cars will let Uber and Lyft expand their fleet while also eliminating any risk of running into a dangerous driver and reducing operating costs in the long term.

Access to reliable transportation is something everyone deserves, and it is rapidly becoming reality thanks to ride-sharing. Uber and Lyft have truly had a wonderful impact on society, and they are only going to continue to improve the world in the future.

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