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Steps to Deal With a Defiant Child

Don’t be deceived. You must deal with the child you have. Comparing your child’s behavior with that of your friends will not resolve the situation. You love your child and because you do, these types of destructive behavior patterns must be broken. As a parent, you know it’s for their good now and in the future. They are counting on you.

Learn to understand your child – In the case of defiant children, this is almost as important as loving them. In fact, it is an expression of your love for them. Discover how they think and why they think the way that they do. If you need to, employ the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist to assist your family with sorting through the mess and getting to the root of the issues so everyone can live a more productive life.

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Avoid yelling – This is counterproductive. When your blood begins to boil, step away from the situation. Instead of giving your child what they want (which is you off kilter), leave the area and return to the discussion when you can keep your emotions in check.

Listen to your child – In between that shouting and double talk are clues to why they are reacting and acting in such a manner. Actively listening is also the way to compartmentalize your emotions as you seek out the information you need to help your child.

Positive reinforcement – Your child is looking for power and doesn’t care if the ends are negative or positive. Ensure that they will be positive through reinforcement. Offer encouragement, praise, validation and even rewards for positive behaviors that they exhibit. Reduce their power in the negative realm by refusing to give in to their demands or producing the desired negative results.

Redirect his energies – Think about the last time you were mad. Your heart is racing, your muscles are tense, and you seem to have a lot of excess energy. The same goes for your child. Use productive ways to burn off that energy that doesn’t involve negative behaviors. Teach them to use exercise (playing basketball, running, biking, jumping jacks, etc.) as a stress reliever to calm down. Physical movement satisfies the urge to throw or hit something while letting you come back down to earth.

Set boundaries and stick to them – Following through with consequences, no matter what sad story your child tells, will let them know how things work in real life.

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Being defiant is normally a phase for most kids, but is much more than that for some. If your child is exhibiting defiant behavior (whether it escalates or not), nip it in the bud right now. Understand your child’s way of thinking and then combat each behavior by hitting it head on. Follow through with firm consequences for negative behavior. Stress reinforcement of positive behaviors as a way to move away from those destructive patterns. Give your child the tools that they need to fuel their growth into adulthood and a successful life.

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