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While it is easy to say we accept all kind of businesses to showcase their wares on Katwaves.com our dedicated team of editors are available to write exclusive and informative content to promote your product and services.

Our advertisers are also at liberty to provide their content which should be carefully written and plagiarism free with detailed evaluation of their product or services.

Sponsored post on Katzwaves.com will remain for the entire life span of the site. This is aimed at making sure your product or services is forever advertised across all our platforms to give you a bigger audience. A sponsored post can be in different forms such as pictures and images, videos and streams as well as content and links. Please note that our advert team will check all adverts before they are accepted. This is to make sure that adverts meet our visitors standards while making sure it doesn’t hurt them in any way.


It is our mandate to deliver high value to our customers. You should bear in mind that the links are in no way affiliated with us and we hold no control over the content of the linked site as such, Katzwaves.com can not be held responsible thus, making no warranty on whatsoever such as the accuracy, timeliness and or completeness of the information contained on such sites.

Feel free to contact us for further queries.

Text Links

Traditionally, a do-follow text link that could direct interested or potential customers to the web page you provide is included into articles to link back to your site. Katzwaves.com reserve the right to edit links we find suspicious, fraudulent or inappropriate. Please feel free to contact us for further enquiries.

File Formats

All images and banners will be subject to review and approval to make sure they are relevant to our readers and are of high quality.

All adverts must be delivered via article submission section of Katzwaves.com with appropriate dimension and quality unless stated otherwise.

If you are interested in any other form of advert please feel free to contact our advertisement team by simply dropping a line in the chat section.

For suggestions and opinion, ideas, complaint and query feel free to contact the site administrator.

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