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Small Business Ideas You Can Try out Right Now

Not all people who are currently successful entrepreneurs started out with a specific idea in mind. Quite a number of them had nothing more than a general desire to start a small business – any business so that they would be able to do their own thing without having to work for somebody. This means that if you have a similar wish, you have all chances of achieving great results – you just have to choose wisely from the plethora of available choices and pick something you are comfortable with and good at. In this article, we will describe some interesting ideas you may try out without a huge upfront investment, so read on!

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1.    Bicycle Repair

Normally it is a seasonal business that experiences a sharp decline in the number of clients during the winter months, but there are ways to alleviate this problem. For example, you can rent a storage unit and offer your customers to store their bicycles in winter after you finish repairing and tuning them up. Or you can concentrate on people who take their cycling seriously, as they tend to train all year round irrespective of the weather.

2.    Fence Installation

With residential construction currently experiencing an upswing, fence installation naturally follows suit. Housing developers need fences to increase the overall value of a property, homeowners hire specialists to install metal gates and fences for aesthetic reasons, business owners actively use their services to put fences around the commercial property to improve security. Whichever way you look, you will find opportunities, and there is plenty of demand to go around. You can open such a business without investing a lot into it, as you won’t need to keep your own stock – you can always buy the fencing materials you need after you finish the negotiations with a client.

3.    Cleaning Service

The main advantages of this sort of business are that it is fairly cheap to start, doesn’t require much regarding special knowledge and has plenty of different directions in which you can take it. The best results are achieved if you concentrate on a specific type of customers. You may choose to deal primarily with cleaning private homes. If you are ready to work the hours when no one else does, there are office clients who need cleaning in the evening or night. Another interesting thing about cleaning services is that it doesn’t rely on traditional advertising all that much – as it is mostly trust-based business, most customers will come to you by word of mouth. If you manage to convince one or two clients that you can be trusted with their homes or offices, they will recommend you to others.

4.    Editorial Service

Are you good with the written word? If the answer is “yes,” then there is a business opportunity that you can pursue from the comfort of your own home and with almost no upfront investment. There are many types of editorial services, so feel free to choose whatever you are comfortable with. For example, proofreading involves polishing an already finished text and checking it for grammar and spelling mistakes, while book doctoring is a much more involved (and better paid) job, that often requires a deep reworking of the author’s manuscript to bring it to a publishable condition. There is also copy-writing, copy-editing and more.

5.    Website Development

Another type of business you can start on your own without additional help and expand if things are going your way. Even if you don’t know anything about website development at the moment, there are plenty of courses where you can learn about it, and even relative beginners can find jobs suitable for them in this field. Today almost all businesses and organizations want to have a website, but many of them cannot afford or don’t want to hire expensive design agencies. They can become your first clients, and later on, you can join forces with other specialists in the field to increase the range of jobs you are capable of taking on.

6.    Photography

Do you pursue photography as a hobby? If you are good at it, it may be a good foundation for a business. Most photography services specialize in a specific niche (the most common being weddings), and there are plenty of opportunities to choose from: portrait and pet photography, family photos, home photos, photo sessions in specific styles, different types of holiday events – the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

As you can see, there are many business opportunities that you can try out with relatively limited capital and without much preparation. All you need is determination and readiness to learn new things, often as you go. We hope these tips will at the very least give you some food for thought!


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