How to Perfect LinkedIn Networking Strategy


To make meaningful connections on any social media platforms, there have to be guiding factors. There is no point in having over a thousand friends yet one can only benefit from about fifteen of them. Connections have the ability to build or destroy a person. For this reason, it is important to find a working LinkedIn networking strategy which suits you. A proper methodology of building new friendships will not only hook you up with relevant personalities but also save you time. The paragraphs below outline what phases an effective plan must follow.

First, identify your goal in finding fresh relationships. This is to say, somebody must have a specific reason why they want to connect with particular individuals. Defining a goal will help someone connect with the right professionals. Goals must be SMART. Meaning, each milestone must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic as well as time-bound. Give yourself a target of how many people should be met in a week or month. Ensure that whatever limits one set on themselves is attainable. Time is important since someone must give a positive picture of themselves to new connections.

Secondly, list down qualities of a perfect circle. For instance, if somebody is looking for business partners, then the profile of a selected person must show their experience as business people. List down individuals you would like to work with. Afterward, read through their portfolios to ascertain their capabilities. When you invite relevant people, linking up will be as easy as communicating with them.

Next is finding referrals. Linking social media platforms suggest friends who share common interests as you. These suggestions could be perfect starting points in building your network. Further, going through a list of friends of your friends could give you more suggestions.

From this point, create more connections through your friends. Possibly, a few circles belong to a number of groups each. Similarly, each person is either employed or owns a business. Furthermore, others could have affiliations with established organizations. All these are extra avenues to establish new linkages. Follow, like and connect with groups or companies that make sense to you.

Besides groups, some circles are either employed or own firms. To be part of such companies, Google their websites then follow them through social media handles. From there, it is possible to share or comment to posts. If one persistently builds interest in a particular firm, it is easy to acquire partnerships or employment through them.

Communication is the key to maintaining friendships. Some people are lazy to type customized messages of invitation and rely on what is provided by the system. Most times, default messages are never noticed. It is advisable to write down a personal message requesting a friend to join your circle. There are numerous sources of information which will help you draft attractive emails.

Relationship building does not stop once your request has been approved. Continue engaging new circles in relevant discussions. Besides that, appreciate what is posted by either commenting or re-posting. Endorse them on acquired skills. In case of achievement, do not hesitate from congratulating them in a customized message. Further, invite each to an interactive session you will attend.

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