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Fighting Obesity? Here is The Best Way to Manage Calorie Intake

Fighting obesity being is one of the most common health challenges and is usually linked to many other health habits. Obesity may be as a result of several reason such as inappropriate diet, lack of physical activities. In this piece, I will focus on the impact of diet and calories in obesity. We take food is to enable our body organs to perform and shield harmful infections and bacteria. Excessive intake of food result in food being stored in the body as fat thus, weight gain.

The energy derived from food is quantified in calories which, as a matter of fact is an energy measuring unit. The quantity of calories used up will be dependent on the kind of physical activities done as well age, gender.

When we discuss calorie and fighting obesity, we analyse the amount of calories that will be needed by one person in a given time. These calories can be gotten from different sources of nutrition. It means different calories will be needed by persons of same age and workload due to differences in their metabolism.

Two categories vegetarians and non-vegetarians need to draw out food items that will give total number of calorie required.

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The misconception that expensive food mean better nutritional values compared to the cheaper ones but the truth of the matter is that the opposite is the case. When you draw out your food and diet, you should be particular about the nutritional factor than price. Intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables is advised by doctors and dieticians not because of their prices but because they have lots of nutrients that can be beneficial to the body.

Disclaimer: This piece is not made to provide health service. It is for information purpose only. Seek professional advice before undergoing any health program.

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