Everything You Need To Know About Rocking A Tan


Many men long for the perfect tan. Keep in mind that most people believe that people with darker skin actually look more attractive, which is probably a good motivator for tan lovers. Still, there is a lot about tanning you may not know, and the following will help you learn a bit more.

Your Tanning Options

There are various tanning methods out there, but you should consider many things before using self-tanning sprays, which can be a little hard to control. The following are some of your options:

  1. Airbrushing

The airbrushed tan is one option to get that perfect tan. This is normally done by a technician who knows how to apply DHA or dihydroxyacetone on the skin. This solution helps turn your skin a little darker without burning the skin or causing irritation.

Be sure to follow the tips below so that your airbrush procedure is a success.

  • Exfoliate your skin for best results.
  • Do not use makeup or deodorant as it creates a barrier against the DHA.
  • Lotions and perfumes should be avoided before the procedure.

2. Bronzing

Bronzing comes in many forms such as gels, sticks, powders, and sprays, which are the most commonly used. These products can be washed off in a day or two, so they are great for those who want a temporary tan. One thing you have to worry about is figuring out how to apply a bronzer evenly, which is definitely troubling for some men.

The following are a few tips if you are going to use a bronzer:

  • Figure out your skin tone. Lighter tones should use a cooler base toner or a matte color. Darker skin tones should go for an orange base.
  • Be aware that the skin on the body is usually darker, so accommodate your bronzing accordingly.
  • Use bright lights to help you apply a bronzer evenly.

3. Tanning Beds or Booths

You can also use the tanning bed or booth to achieve that look you’re longing for. One of the benefits of tanning this way is that it can be done at any time, not just during the summer. Another thing people love about these machines is they work by using UV-A and UV-B rays instead of UV-C rays, which are considered harmful because you can still develop skin cancer or other skin problems.

Consider the following tips concerning these devices:

  • Never overdo it; sessions shouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes.
  • Allow one day before tanning again though 48 hours is best.

4. Tanning Pills

Tanning pills are another option that does not cause you to worry about being exposed to dangerous UV rays. The reason you have nothing to worry about is that you will be changing your skin from the inside out. The pills you are going to take have canthaxanthin. This ingredient can change a person’s skin cells, which helps change the skin to different shades, such as orange or even brown.

Do not use pills longer than a period of two weeks.

Give your body time to rest from the pills when you’ve reached the desired results.

The chemical in these pills may not harm the skin, but be sure to consult your doctor to monitor any other side effects.

5. Sunbathing

Perhaps one of the most natural ways to get that tan you are hoping for and one of the most effective ways to get vitamin D is to sunbathe. The problem is that some people who sunbathe do not do it correctly and put themselves at risk. The sun can be just as dangerous as a sunbed if you do not take the proper precautions because of the UV rays the sun emits.

The following are a few tips to consider if you are going to sunbathe instead of using the aforementioned options:

  • It is vital that you use a strong sunscreen. You want to see words like “broad spectrum” or one that comes with the UVA Logo Plus.
  • Do not sunbathe longer than your skin can take. Most of the time, the limit is two hours if you have dark skin.
  • Consider taking numerous shade breaks as you are sunbathing to create a healthy tan.
  • Eat more beta-carotene-rich foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, winter squashes, and cantaloupes that equip your skin to battle UV rays.

6. Dealing With the Self Tanning Spray Smell

Most of the spray products used to create that perfect tan come with an additional problem that will cramp any man’s style: the stench. The first thing you need to know is that you can figure out if you are going to develop that odd smell by simply smelling the product.

The scent that some people develop occurs after the DHA reacts with your specific body chemistry. Some companies try to sell a tanning product with a strong scent, but that fragrance usually goes away, and you will still be left with the smell. This is one reason why many people avoid using this option.

Still, the following are some things you can do to reduce the stench if you are unfortunate enough to develop it:

  • Take a shower as soon as you can, sometimes within six hours of the application.
  • Make sure that you use body washes or soaps that contain natural citrus oil, which can combat that yeasty smell
  • Turn up the AC, and avoid activities that make you sweat, which can make things worse for you.
  • You can use perfumes but only after the tan has fully , or you might see light spots due to the alcohol-content in fragrances.
  • Exfoliate skin before spraying, and be sure to focus on areas where you might smell like the armpits.
  • Use antibacterial products on your body before and after because the scent could worsen if bacteria are present.

All of this information should help you find a way to get that perfect tan, which can make you look great in anything you end up rocking. Do not be afraid to ask for help from professionals to ensure that you do this right the first time.


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