CBD Isolate Usage


CBD isolate is essentially a pure form of the naturally occurring cannabinoid found in Cannabis called CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that has been determined to provide numerous health benefits to people suffering from a range of different ailments. So, what is so special about isolate? Well, most products that come infused with CBD are not pure. That means, that you are paying for all of the other ingredients as well. When you buy isolate, you get CBD in its pure, completely extracted state. Also, since isolate is cheaper to make, it typically costs less to buy CBD in its isolated form. This article is going to provide you with an in-depth look at how you would go about using CBD isolate.

How to properly dose

Trying to eye out 5 milligrams from a white slab of CBD is going to be nearly impossible. For that reason, you will probably need some kind of sensitive scale in order to properly dose your isolate. Using the scale, you should be able to weigh out your dose on the scale and know exactly how much you are getting. Because isolate is composed entirely of CBD, you can know exactly how much CBD you are getting when you weigh it. So, now that you have separated a dose, how do you go about using your isolate?


Vaporizing your CBD is a good way to use your isolate product. In order to vaporize isolate, you will need a vaporizer that has a special attachment to use oils. When you vaporize your isolate, there are a few benefits. First of all, inhaling the CBD will provide immediate effects and will allow you to judge your dose more effectively. Another advantage of inhaling the isolate is that the effects typically last longer and the compound more effectively enters the bloodstream.

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Another way that people can consume CBD in its isolate form is to vaporize it on a dab rig. For anyone who is unaware, dabbing is a popular way of consuming Cannabis products. It works by having you heat a piece until it is red hot and then putting the product on it. When the dab or isolate touches the hot piece, it vaporizes and the user can inhale the vapor. This works effectively and allows you to take in larger amounts at once. This option is best for those who already have a dab rig because they can be expensive to buy if you do not.

Infuse into tinctures

Infusing your CBD isolate into tinctures is another effective way to consume your product. Essentially, tinctures are small containers of liquid which you can infuse your isolate or other things into. Using either vegetable glycerin or alcohol as a base, you can easily mix a dose of your isolate into the liquid. In order to find recipes on and dosages for this, simply perform a quick internet search. In order to use the tincture, you simply have to place a drop of the liquid underneath the tongue and hold it for a few seconds. The CBD will soak into the bloodstream and the effects will act within 10 or 20 minutes.

This article was written by Andy Klein from the company Buy CBD Oil Online. Andy is passionate about what he does and loves working with CBD oils, hemp extracts and natural, organic supplements.


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