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  • 10 PR Hacks For Managing Online Reputation

    As a small business owner, your success will depend on a variety of factors such as managing online reputation. No business can remain open and prosperous unless they keep up an excellent reputation both in their local town and especially online. While there are many ways in which to work towards managing your online reputation in a way that works, below are some of the top hacks that you will be able to put to good use for the benefit…

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  • The Real Impact of Ride Sharing

    The idea of requesting a ride sharing from your phone may be a relatively simple idea, but it is completely changing the world we live in today. In less than 10 years, ride sharing has gone from an exclusive service for select individuals to something that almost everyone can use. No app or other form of technology has impacted the world in the last decade as much as rides haring. How Ride sharing Got Started It may be hard to…

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  • 5 Office Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    When designing the office layout of your business, it’s important to keep productivity in mind. You’ll want to create an atmosphere that is pleasant for you and your employees to work in. A poorly designed office can hinder both productivity and company morale. Below are a few office design mistakes that should be avoided. Bad Acoustics Generally, the acoustics are an afterthought when it comes to office design. If you keep this in mind while designing your office, you’ll be…

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  • 10 Common Health Fails That Trip Up Restaurants

    Health code violations can result in expensive fines and temporary or permanent business shut down. It’s critical that owners and managers of restaurants and do everything they can to maintain the highest safety standards. Most violations involve owners and employees failing to follow safety practices when handling, prepping and storing foods and building maintenance. You can decrease the potential for violations in your restaurant. You simply need to recognise the most common problems and create prevention strategies and policies. Consider…

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  • Essential Tools and Services for Your Business

    With technology transforming our business tools and services,you should not be surprised to find out that there some inventions which may seem unfamiliar to you. Below are five tools and services that you ought to consider. Alexa Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is something you should consider for your business. It can perform basic tasks like reminding you about an appointment or  your schedule. The fantastic thing about Alexa in the workplace as a chatbot and related tools is that it…

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  • What Every Business Needs to Know About the Workers’ Bill of Rights

    Prior to the early 20th century, workers in the United States had very few rights in regards to employment. They were subjected to dangerous conditions, discrimination in pay based on sex, race and national origin, as well as a variety of other issues. Tired of the system being rigged as advantageous solely for businesses, employees formed unions and demanded better working conditions, free from undue hazard and discrimination. As a result, The Workers’ Bill of Rights was created. These federal…

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