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Agency Tasks That You Should Automate Now

Running an SEO agency is a cycle of selling, fulfilling services, and making sure clients are happy. To manage all these – and still have time to scale your SEO business – you should allocate your resources and manpower in the most efficient way possible. Otherwise, you’ll only drive your agency into exhaustion without leaving any room for growth.

The best solution to maximise your agency’s capabilities is to automate.

Why Automate?

There’s a limit to what your agency can handle, especially if you’re just in the early stages of starting a SEO business. If you spend half of the day sending emails to prospects, you’re not being productive. If anything, you’re doing exactly the opposite of driving more business to your agency.

Automation allows you to focus on the more important aspects of running your SEO business and get repetitive, less impactful tasks out of the way. This is so you can prioritise areas of growth for your agency.

What Tasks Do You Automate?

An SEO agencies work involves many different aspects. There’s the technical side of the business, such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, and link building. On the other hand, you also have the creative aspects that come with the job, which includes content creation, graphics design, and branding. These are work that you can leave to SEO outsourcing providers, or handle in-house if you have the talent.

So, what tasks can and should you automate?

  1. Setting Up Email Drips

Forging a strong relationship with clients is one of the foundations of a successful agency. This is why most agencies allocate their time and resources to keep their clients in the loop through email marketing drips.

Automated email drips are designed to ensure a prospect or client automatically receives a message from you through triggers. For instance, a prospect who signed up for your newsletter will be added to one segment of your mailing list. By running an email drip campaign, you slowly nurture the relationship with the prospect, and the best thing about this is you can design the drip based on your goals.

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A few pointers when setting up email marketing drips:

    • Create segments: While the purpose of automating email marketing drips is to deliver your messages at scale, you need to make sure you’re sending to the right people. Assign prospects to their appropriate segments, so you can tailor the message according to their needs.  
    • Identify the triggers: Email marketing drips work best if you have the right trigger for different segments in your mailing list. Triggers don’t always have to be an action done by a prospect; inactivity for a certain period can also be considered as a trigger to warm up prospects that may have gone cold. For example, a prospect who signed up with your agency some time can be a part of your re-marketing email campaigns to gain their attention.
  • Do an A/B test on your emails: The only way to know if your emails are effective is to test and measure. This will help you determine which subject lines, calls to action, or content appeals the most to your prospects.

If you’re looking for email marketing automation tools, try MailChimp, Intercom, Drip, SEOReseller’s Marketing Automation Tool, and SendinBlue.

          2.Generating and Nurturing Leads

One of the common pain points of agencies is not having a stable source of leads. Most agencies spend a considerable amount of time going to events and trade shows to do networking. While this approach is effective in putting your agency’s brand out there and building relationships with potential clients, it can take up much of your time—time that you could have spent in other aspects that have more impact on your growth.

You don’t have to stick to one strategy to get leads, though. Effective lead generation is all about stringing together the right channels and using the right tools to provide your agency with a steady flow of leads.

Here are a few ways to streamline lead generation and nurturing activities:

    • Simplify your contact forms: Your contact form is there on your site for a reason – to get the contact details of prospects. Don’t make it too complicated for prospects to leave their information. If you only need their name, email address, and phone number, make sure those are marked in the fields.
    • Integrate contact information to your email automations: Sync your contact details to your marketing automation software. This eliminates the need to manually go over new signups or information coming from your contact forms and makes it easier to start nurturing prospects. I recommend using Zapier for this task.
  • Track your leads: The key to a streamlined lead generation and nurturing activity is to track all the leads coming through and have them in one place. Use a CRM that provides you with an efficient way of managing your leads.

Pro-tip: Think of the most efficient way to deliver value to your prospects, and then engineer your lead generation and nurturing activities around this.

  1. Reporting Campaigns for Clients

Do you spend a chunk of your time in compiling data into one neat report to send over to your clients?

You shouldn’t.

Manual reporting is easy to do if you only have a client or two, but sticking to this type of routine isn’t productive if you have ten or more clients. There’s a likelihood of affecting accuracy and mixing up data if you manually handle reporting for multiple clients.

When it comes to report automation, keep in the mind the following:

    • Avoid using too many tools: The reason you’re using tools is to make it easier to do work for your agency—not the other way around. Choose only the tools that provide the most crucial data for your clients. Use only the tools that import data for your key services.
  • Standardised reports: When it comes to reporting, there’s nothing wrong in using a template. In fact, this provides you with an opportunity to standardise reports with your agency’s branding. Create a template for each of your key services, so you can simply fill in the data needed for your clients.

Make It Easier for Your Agency…

Or risk facing setbacks.

The success of an agency isn’t just about fulfilling the needs of clients, but also about having the right setup to get the gears turning. By automating, you can take menial tasks off your hands, provide more room for collaboration, and build stronger relationships with your clients.




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