5 Office Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid


When designing the office layout of your business, it’s important to keep productivity in mind. You’ll want to create an atmosphere that is pleasant for you and your employees to work in. A poorly designed office can hinder both productivity and company morale. Below are a few office design mistakes that should be avoided.

Bad Acoustics

Generally, the acoustics are an afterthought when it comes to office design. If you keep this in mind while designing your office, you’ll be a step ahead of the game when it comes time to begin working. Adding some acoustic materials into the overall design can help to reduce noise levels when the office becomes busy.

Traditional Cubicles

Cubicles are a great solution for offices with an open floor plan. However, cubicles make team members feel confined and unimportant. The conventional cubicle design can be stuffy because employees are secluded and alone for long periods of time. Consider an open cubicle design with varying heights. This allows employees to still see each other and communicate while working.

Poor Lighting

Poorly lit office areas can result in a decrease in productivity. It can cause you and your employees to feel sluggish and tired. Soft white lighting creates a great working environment. Also, stay away from bright lighting like fluorescent and LED. These bright lights can strain the eyes and result in headaches.

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Boring Reception Area

The reception area needs to be able to host your potential customers and clients comfortably while they are waiting to be serviced. It’s a good idea to have something visually stimulating, like a television or large fish tank, in your reception area. This gives your customers and clients something to focus on while waiting.


Your office needs to be organised and clean. Make sure the office layout allows for proper storage and filing cabinets. You’ll want to have easy access to them when you need to grab paperwork out of a file quickly. Desktop organisers and cubical storage containers also help in keeping your work area free of clutter.

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When creating your office design, try to keep these five things in mind. Envision yourself and your employees in the office when putting your office design together. Focus on how you want things to flow, what your overall goal for the office is, and the kind of atmosphere you want to create for yourself and your employees to work in


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