10 PR Hacks For Managing Online Reputation


As a small business owner, your success will depend on a variety of factors such as managing online reputation. No business can remain open and prosperous unless they keep up an excellent reputation both in their local town and especially online. While there are many ways in which to work towards managing your online reputation in a way that works, below are some of the top hacks that you will be able to put to good use for the benefit of your business and online reputation.

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation is done by using different strategies to ensure a positive reputation for your business. Doing this can help soften the blow of any negative comments that are made online and keep your image in a positive light. These days, managing your online reputation is vital for success.

Research Your Customers

While there are many benefits of online reputation management, you can use this as a way to research your customers. It can give you an opportunity to know them better and find ways to serve them better and keep them happy.

What Makes Up Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is made up of different factors. They may include things like social media posts, employee reviews, news coverage and other types of reviews. All in all, your online reputation is an accumulation of everything people are saying about your business.

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Where to Collect Reviews: 

There are many places online to review and respond to customers’ comments and reviews of your business. There are many review sites and social media sites that small business owners can regularly monitor for reviews and comments on their business. A quick search online for business review sites will lead you to many sites to check regularly.

Keep an Eye On Reputation Often: 

As stated earlier, it is important to keep an eye on your reputation online. Aside from searching for comments and reviews about your business on the above-listed sites, you can also do a search online using your business name. Scanning through the top pages in the search engines will let you see how customers are feeling about your business.

Claim Your Small Business On Local Sites: 

Long gone are the days of having to look up a business in the phone book. Most people look for businesses online. You want to make sure that when customers are searching, your business pops up in the search results for the products and services you offer. In addition, these listings should all have a positive tone to them. Be sure to “claim” a business as yours on some of the top business sites that review different businesses. This will allow you to edit any wrong or negative information that is currently listed.

Monitor Reviews Online Each Week: 

When trying to manage your online reputation, it is important to monitor it often. Take a little time each week to do a manual check online to see if any new reviews are posted to respond to. You will be able to quickly diffuse any negative comments before it has the chance to turn into a PR nightmare.

Respond To Negative Reviews: 

It is essential to try and respond to any negative reviews in a prompt manner. When you do this, it shows all of your customers that you care and that client satisfaction is a priority to you and your business. The best way to resolve issues is to empathise with your customers while keeping a neutral and calm tone. The main point is to try and resolve the issues they are having, if possible.

Respond To Positive Reviews: 

While responding to negative reviews is very important, it is also essential to show a response to positive reviews as well. When you respond to customers that leave positive comments or reviews, it shows that you care about their business. It can also be helpful to future customers. When potential customers see positive reviews for a business, they are more likely to visit and shop there.

Ask For Honest Reviews: 

No business can make every single customer happy. However, one of the easiest ways to weaken the effect of any negative reviews or comments a business might leave is to encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive and honest reviews if they are happy. Focusing your efforts ahead of time on getting positive feedback from customers will help to soften the blow of any negative comments, reviews, and articles created from customers or the media.


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