10 Amazing Herbs For Healthy Living


Using herbs For healthy living has not always been common practice. It’s attributed to the stereotypical hippie or the homeopath. In more ancient times, it was associated with witchcraft and sorcery. But healers around the world have always held the use and consumption of herbs as sacred, and a necessary component to overall human well being, physically and even spiritually. Today, herbs are a bit more modernised, categorised into what we call spices. But the use of fresh herbs is becoming more popular for good health awareness.

Herbs are renowned for their medicinal properties, but not always for their high nutritional delivery. Let’s look at ten amazing herbs and how incorporating them in your diet routine could benefit you greatly. Some you may be familiar with like oregano, and others, like Mimosa Pudica, may sound a bit foreign but still possess beneficial traits.


The avocado’s best friend! What is guacamole without a dash of cilantro and lime? Also known as coriander in some parts of the world, cilantro is an excellent treatment for skin inflammation, mouth ulcers, anemia and menstrual disorders.


From tea to ice cream, mint is undoubtedly a renowned flavour in culinary preparation. Also found in toothpaste, chewing gum and balms, the herb comes in many varieties like spearmint or peppermint. Its medicinal properties include digestion, headache, and nausea. You can quickly add mint to your diet by drinking a nice cup of hot or iced tea.


This lovely evergreen, fragrant herb is one of the staples in Italian cuisine. Fresh rosemary is rich in antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, and manganese. It also maintains proper hormone balance and is essential in skin care. Add a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser does wonders for respiratory illnesses.


Just like rosemary, oregano is mainly found in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. This herb, part of the mint family, is favourable to treat respiratory disorders such as a cough, bronchitis, and croup. It’s packed with fibre and helps to detoxify the body. Using oregano as a daily supplement help to eradicate intestinal parasites.

Mimosa Pudica

This herb originates from South and Central America. It’s also called Sensitive Plant. The traditional use is mainly for treating and healing wounds. Other top uses for the herb include treating diarrhoea, ulcers and helps with digestion. Like Oregano, it is a go-to herb to remove parasites. Generally consumed by crushing the leaves, boiling and draining the herb to drink the tea. Some consider this one of the best herbs to help improve and treat the microbiome of the human body.


A favorite herb for cleansing. On a physical level, it plays a vital role in improving brain function, lowering inflammation and boosting the immune system. It helps in the growth and development of bones. Culinary wise, you can find sage mainly in Mediterranean cooking. It makes for a savoury addition to your tomato sauce, omelet or sprinkled on top of your pizza.


Parsley has upgraded to a superfood. This herb treats a laundry list of ailments ranging from anemia, bladder infection, digestive problems, kidney stones, bad breath, arthritis, gas, and acid reflux, to name a few! Its top vitamin is K, for maintaining bone density. So chop up some parsley and add it to pretty much anything you eat, from soups to salads, rice and fish dishes. Or just chew on a few fresh branches to quickly freshen your breath.


The story associated with goldenseal is that it’s the all curing herb. It can treat almost anything. Whether myth or fact, it possesses a wide range of medicinal properties. It treats eye and bladder infections and relieves eczema. and usually sold in capsule format for internal use.


Another super herb is echinacea. Known for contributing to speedy healing and recovery, eliminating bacterial, viral and ear infections. It boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body, thanks to its high antioxidant properties. A good cup of echinacea tea can be a plus in your diet. Drink moderately.


lavender as the darling of the herbal community is used heavily in homeopathy. It’s the staple herb for stress relief and treating sleep disorders. Whether diffused in your home atmosphere or in a warm cup of tea, lavender helps reduce a headache and relieves digestive issues.

This article on using herbs for healthy living is for educational purposes, not to provide any medical suggestions for the use of these herbs. Otherwise, feel free to conduct additional research and use them judiciously. For more health and wellness tips and facts, check out our health section here. Cheers to your health


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